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Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale recently tried out one of STYLE STORY’s best-selling Korean face masks – Elizavecca’s Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Face Mask 


Nine.com.au was quick to report on the bubble mask trend – including where to find Elizavecca’s hit  mask in Australia!



Korean Beauty label Elizavecca’s Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is a creamy clay mask that purges pores of excess sebum and trapped dirt, giving you purer, clearer, more radiant skin.

But, this mask comes with a fun twist –  as it cleanses, it turns your face into a fluffy cloud!

The Bubble Clay Mask contains carbonated water, which aerates the star clay ingredient, giving it a fluffy, cloud-like texture!

As the mask grows, it envelopes your face in thousands of tiny bubbles for a unique and deep cleanse.


Hollywood does Elizavecca!

Hollywood Star Lucy Hale tried Elizavecca’s Bubble Clay mask out for the first time to hilarious results, explaining the results along the way.


Nine.com.au reported:

“As the product began to bubble and puff out all-over the 28-year-old’s face, she burst into laughter at the sight of her carbonated complexion.

“OK, it’s starting to bubble up. Oh, my God, it feels so weird. I legitimately feel like a bubble”



Elizavecca’s Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask has developed a massive following throughout the world and is a long-time bestseller in Australia. It’s made by hit Korean Beauty label Elizavecca that creates perfectly packaged products to make skincare fun! Not only is Bubble Clay Face Mask fun to use, it’s an effective way to deep cleanse pores and take care of excess oil on the skin.


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Photo Credit: Lucy Hale Instagram

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