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Can’t seem to rub two cents together but #beautyislife? We feel you!


Whether you’re still a student or just terrible at making your budget last til the next pay day, STYLE STORY’s Broke Girl’s Beauty Guide has everything you need to treat yo’self – without going broke.


1 Identify your must-have products

Before you go out and purchase all the products, take stock of what it is you really need and allocate your budget there. If your cleanser is about to run out, it makes sense to budget for a new one rather than racing out to buy Laneige’s eighth release lip mask flavour. Similarly, if your skin is suffering from a bout of acne or pigmentation, give yourself some leeway to spend to help treat these issues with a specialised serum or cream.


2 Use up your old products before you buy new ones

We’re all guilty of this – there’s a shiny new product on the ‘Gram and now it’s on your skincare shelf.  The problem is, you already had another cleanser / toner / serum opened.

If you’re trying to watch your wallet, make sure that you’re only buying products you actually need – ideally, by replacing new for old. Some people call this a “No Buy” period – we just call it good sense.

Remember – most skincare products have a shelf life of between 6 – 12 months once they are opened, so if you’ve got multiple types of the same product on-the-go at once, this can quickly lead to wastage.


3 Condense your routine where you can 

Having a 12 Step Routine can be great, but if you can’t get there without sidetracking your budgeting, then condensing your steps is a great way to do it.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to opt for products that contain two (or more!) products in one. This means you get twice the mileage, without giving up any benefits to your skin.

Some of our favourites? Try:


4. Grab a beauty bargain 

Whether it’s stocking up on items on sale or sniffing out the bang-for-buck deals who doesn’t love a bargain? Luckily, K-Beauty is full of them!

Here are a few of our favourite K-Bargains under $20 that will help balance the budget and stretch your dollar further:

Subi Perfect Pimple Patch – these best-selling pimple patches take care of all the gunk from whiteheads, leaving the bump significantly flatter and less angry. Plus, you’re less likely to pick at it, which reduces the risk of scarring. #winning 

JJ Young Pore Erasing Stick – a handy stick-type treatment cleanser, this takes care of congested pores. We love using it a few times a week to clear the gunk for smoother, brighter, clearer skin. 

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact – Looking for something to keep shine at bay? Keep this Mineral Pact handy! Innisfree’s cult-favourite compact contains a sebum-controlling powder that won’t break the bank. Infused with Jeju minerals and mint extracts, it helps set your makeup or touch up on-the-go with ease.

Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – is made from hardened volcanic lava which is famous for its deep cleansing and purifying properties. A 3-in-1 product that removes sebum,  brightens skin & treats blemishes.

COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser  – With a perfectly balanced pH of 5.5, this cleanser works wonders on oily and acne-prone skin, while also preserving the skin’s delicate acid mantle.



What’s your broke girl’s beauty tip? Leave it in the comments.


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