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Below you’ll find more information on our packages, designed with you in mind to be targeted and tailored. If at any time you need more information, then get in touch.

1 Hour – Pick Our Brains

Looking to develop your beauty business marketing or commercial strategy? Grab an hour and let’s do it!


Manufacturing Consultancy

Looking to manufacture your brand or products in Korea? Jump on a call to understand what’s involved.


Packages are available for:

Preliminary Consultations and Sampling with Manufacturers

To get started with production of your first product, our team works to find the best manufacturing fit for you in terms of quality, pricing, and the size of your order (known as the “Minimum Order Quantity” (MOQ). 

This first stage of product development involves sampling a wide range of products until you find a manufacturer you love! 

Product Development

This is the meat and bones of the process!

Most products take between 6 – 12 months to develop from concept to final product. 

The process of developing your product will be slightly different depending on the kind of product you’re manufacturing. We will work with you to move your product from the prototype phase to complete commercial viability. This will involve;

  • Refining your draft formula until you are happy with the colour, texture, consistency, scent and efficacy of the product; 
  • Arranging suitable packaging options (outer box, inner sachet, any brushes or spatulas etc needed); 
  • Developing designs for the product and box; 
  • Developing sample pouches if you want to produce sample or mini sizes for your product; 
  • Developing envelopes, shipping boxes or pouches for mailing (eCommerce only) 
Export Assistance

After your product is complete and ready to go home, we help to create suitable export documentation as required for export to your country. We will also arrange labelling per your warehouse’s specifications and work with your freight / logistics company of choice to deliver the products to them in Korea. They will then help with the final step of the journey home to you (or your suppliers). 

Digital and Social Media Strategy

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience about what it takes to successfully market and sell beauty brands. We are expertly placed to advise you on a range of bespoke services, including:

  • Digital & Social Media Strategy
  • Design & Branding
Commercial Strategies

Our commercial team can work with you to develop suitable Marketing & Commercial Strategies, including your plans for international expansion. 

Market and Trend Analysis

If you aren’t quite ready to push the button on manufacturing,  but are wanting valuable insights into the market and trends, then our team is expertly placed to assist with this.

With staff on the ground in Korea and Australia with years of experience in the industry, we can provide reports, data and on-the-ground insights to help you make informed choices about your next product launches.

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