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Wanna know which Korean Beauty products everyone was obsessed with last year?! We’ve put together our list of the skincare and makeup that just wouldn’t stay on the shelf.


These were the best selling Korean Beauty products of 2018 in Australia:



1 Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack 

The most popular K-Beauty product Down Under (and by a country mile, we might add!) was Benton’s Snail Bee Mask Pack. This beloved sheet mask has been a staple in many skincare cabinets around the country for years, and with its award-winning combination of snail secretion filtrate and bee venom that work to calm redness, even out skin tone, brighten the complexion and minimise wrinkles, it’s not hard to see why! Benton’s mask took out the top prize again this year thanks to its compatibility for a wide range of delicate skin types, as well as its ability to balance the skin’s moisture levels.



2 COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, for the second year in a row, one the top-selling K-Beauty product in Australia was COSRX’s cant-leave-home-without-them Acne Pimple Master patches. They made it into the biggest magazines and news portals in the country, making the beauty editors swoon too!

These handy little pimple spot patches heal blemishes and prevent future breakouts and scarring with the use of hydrocolloid, which draws pus out of the wound and causes pimples to dry out.

Pimple patches are perfect for blemish emergencies, and come in slick packaging that’s easy to pop in your bag or luggage when travelling.


3 COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

The number three spot went to another COSRX favourite, the low pH gel cleanser, which is specifically designed for oily and acne-prone skin. With a perfectly balanced pH of 5.5, it works wonders to cleanse while also preserving the skin’s delicate acid mantle.

The 2-in-1 formula makes it extremely convenient because it eliminates the need to use two separate face washes in your nightly routine to properly get rid of dirt and makeup. Instead, COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser can be used as a single-step face wash to completely remove sunscreen, makeup, dirt, and oil.


4 Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Sheet Mask

This skin-brightening rice mask shot straight to the top of 2018’s list, thanks to its ability to correct unevenness in the skin’s texture by reducing the appearance of dark spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation.

It also softens and hydrates skin.

It doesn’t hurt that the formula is free from skin-nasties and contains a silky soft cotton mask sheet!


5 COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

Another steady best-seller, this powerful BHA skin treatment prevents the formation of blemishes before they even occur using K-Beauty favourite betaine salicylate (rather than the more common salicylic acid).

COSRX’s Power Liquid is a type of exfoliant, but unlike the old manual scrubs that were popular in the past, this is an oil-soluble chemical exfoliant that clears dead skin cells from deep within pores to help prevent breakouts. With its light texture, it works with skin to soften and clear it over time, also providing skin brightening benefits for a more even skin tone.


6 Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Mask 

No surprises that Leaders Insolution’s Aquringer Mask made it into the top sellers this year! Globally, this mask sheet sells by the hundreds of millions each year, and it has never been out of STYLE STORY’s best-sellers list since it debuted on our site in 2014.

Not only does it deliver intense and long-lasting hydration, the silky cellulose mask sheet moulds to your face for the closest possible fit. The mask is also drenched in nourishing essence that is directly transferred to your skin, giving you a hydration boost like no other.


7 Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Sheet Mask 

No-one likes irritated, sensitive skin, which is why Tony Moly’s gentle sheet mask made it into 2018’s best-seller’s list!

This soothing sheet mask specifically targets trouble, acne-prone skin with its blend of tea tree leaf extract and oil.Tea Tree Leaf extract is a known natural anti-inflammatory agent, with green tea leaf extracts being rich in antioxidants that help to protect skin from harmful environmental factors.


8 COSRX Advanced 96 Snail Mucin Essence

K-Beauty’s love affair with snail mucin essence is clearly still going strong if our number 8 contender is anything to go by! Featuring a whopping 96% of snail secretion filtrate, this 100% cruelty-free Korean essence contains skin-friendly antioxidants, proteins, elastin, and glycolic acids that effectively repair sun damage. It is especially helpful for acne, uneven skin tone and acne scarring.

Despite containing nearly all snail, the formula isn’t sticky or greasy, gliding onto the skin and sinking in to give it rich moisture and nutrition.


9 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 

2018 was the year that Lip Sleeping Mask found mainstream fame, taking this Korean skincare invention from one of K-Beauty’s obsessives best-known secrets to the masses!

What’s not to love about a product that goes to work while you go to  sleep, so that you wake up to plumper, firmer, hydrated and softer lips!


10 Tony Moly I’m Real Seaweed Mask

Looks like Sebastian the Crab isn’t the only one who thinks things are better “under de Sea!”

This easy-to-use mask sheet infused with real seaweed extract rounded out our list of best-sellers last year! It works to purify skin, revitalise and brighten it.

It contains a triple-layered cotton mask sheet that feels luxuriously soft against your skin and works to enhance the deeper penetration of the essence.


Were any of these K-Beauty products in your list of favourites this year as well?!



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