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While pimple patches have been a beauty staple in Asia for years, they’ve only burst onto the scene in Australia and the US quite recently.


Thanks to their reputation for rapidly healing pimples, there has been an explosion of products on the market.  From medicated to microneedles, the options can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, the safest way to give pimple patches a go is stick to the options from countries that have perfected the art of pimple patching.


  Here are the best Korean Beauty pimple patches on the market in 2020 that are 100% STYLE STORY approved.  




For the thinnest, stickiest and most invisible patch on the market, Subi Perfect Pimple Patch has got you covered. This high-grade patch is made from 10mm medical quality hydrocolloid and is 100% vegan, drug free and cruelty free. 

The thinness of Perfect Pimple Patches makes them ideal for repairing pimples in hard-to-reach places (like the side of your nose or near your mouth). Unlike regular patches, which often don’t stay on the skin long enough to be effective, Subi’s patches are ultra-sticky, meaning they stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn at night or sweat during the day.

Who Should Use Them: Everyone! If you’re looking to use the most high-end, up to date pimple patch technology available, then these are the patches for you. Even sensitive and dry skin types can safely and comfortably use them, and if you have a pimple emergency during the day you don’t have to interrupt your treatment – simply pop on one of these barely visible patches are you’re ready to go (with or without makeup!)  


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch has long been an affordable entry point for many into patching acne. These patches do a great job of sticking on and help to speed up the breaking healing process by reducing bacteria and absorbing debris from whiteheads.

The hydrocolloid in these patches mean that you won’t experience any dryness or flaking when using them. The only downside is the thickness and bulkiness of the patch, which stands out too much to be worn comfortably during the day.

Who Should Use Them: Anyone looking to save money who doesn’t mind using an older version of pimple patch technology.



If you’ve done your research and want to try a medicated patch solution, SOME BY MI Clear Spot Patch uses a unique blend of salicylic acid, tea tree and eucalyptus oil to control sebum, boost anti-inflammatory properties and further speed up the healing process.

As an added bonus, these patches come in two sizes, making them perfect for treating pimples both big and small.

Who Should Use Them: Anyone prone to infected, pustule acne that requires medication to dry out and disinfect spots.


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Subi Perfect Pimple Patch


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