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If you’ve been following STYLE STORY’s Instagram feed you may have seen our beautiful new addition to the STYLE STORY family – the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream. 


Beauty Blogger Nurul recently tried it for the first time and shared her thoughts about the cream on her blog. She explained:


“When I saw this on Style Story’s instagram feed I was immediately drawn by the gorgeousness of this cherry blossom jar. It is a face cream by Korean beauty brand ‘Beauty of Joseon‘ and this is their Dynasty Cream…


This face cream uses ingredients based on traditional “hanbang” korean oriental herbs used by the women of the Joseon Dynasty. I rather liked the thought of going back in time rather than using ingredients that new technology has brought to the table…”



Nurul said:

“Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream helps promote a brighter complexion, gives an ample source of hydration and also has anti-aging benefits!

I needed a new night cream but I found myself reaching out to this even during the day because I became obsessed with the ‘chok-chok’ finish this gives my skin! ‘chok-chok’ is the translated k-beauty term which translates to the bouncy, plump and moist skin, and yes it is tempting to just keep touching your face!”



“This cream honours the traditional ingredients used by the women that helped achieve a flawless complexion.

Some of these ingredients written in the “Kyuhab Chongseo” (a guide compiled for women in the Joseon dynasty) was used by this brand in order to formulate this. It includes a mix of familiar ingredients and also korean oriental herbs.



“I rather liked the thought of going back in time rather than using ingredients that new technology has brought to the table…”

“…The formula of this cream is a thick gel-like texture and has a light floral fragrance.

…On the face a little goes a long way and it spreads really well and applies smooth…

After applying this cream my skin feels really moisturised and smooth. I can’t stop touching my face because it feels so springy and bouncy!”



“…After applying this regularly as part of my evening skin care routine I feel like my skin absolutely drinks this up and keep’s it well rested. I wake up with baby smooth skin in the morning with no dry patches

My makeup sits much better on my face when I apply this underneath and there is absolutely no greasy feel despite the initial texture of this cream.

This is why I have been reaching out to this during the day even on no-makeup days, I feel like I have less to cover up because I am satisfied with the state of my complexion.



“Will I keep using this? Absolutely till there is nothing left in this jar!”




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Image Credits: Mask Mix Beauty 

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