New Years is just around the corner, meaning its prime time for everyone to start making a list of self-improvements to make up for 2018’s perceived lapses.


If you’re tired of making the same old resolutions that (let’s be honest) you have no intention of keeping anyway, how about a few that won’t involve any drastic life changes?



If you haven’t taken a look into the dark corners of your skincare cabinet for a few years, now is a good time to get stuck in.

Make a pile of anything that doesn’t work for your skin, that you never use or that causes you irritation when you wear it and find a new home for it. If you don’t fancy throwing out perfectly good cosmetics, you can try selling them on Reddit or donating them to a women’s shelter to help women escaping domestic violence.

If a product has a funky smell or has changed colour, then it doesn’t matter how expensive it was – bin that bad boy ASAP.



Hopefully it goes without saying, but if daily sunscreen somehow fell off your radar in 2018, pick your act up in 2019 by making sure you always use a special purpose sunscreen underneath your primer and makeup every day. Sunscreen helps prevent everything from brown spots and skin discolouration to red veins, blotchiness and wrinkled skin that looks old beyond its years. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



No matter how old you are you’re too old to be sleeping in your makeup. Makeup mixes with the dirt and oils that have built up on the surface of your skin throughout the day, leading to everything from clogged pores, blackheads and even breakouts.

Don’t risk it – wash yours off at night following the Korean 2 Step Cleanse.

The Korean Double Cleansing Method involves washing your face with an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a water-based one.

Start with your oil. This cleanser can be in solid or liquid form and will remove oil-based impurities and water resistant makeup. It gently draws out debris and pollutants without the need for harsh scrubbing or tugging at the skin. We’re obsessed with B-Lab’s I’m Sorry Just Cleansing Oil if you prefer a traditional oil formula, or Beauty of Joseon’s Radiance Cleansing Balm, if you prefer a balm-to-oil formula.

Follow up with your water-based cleanser. This can either be foaming or non-foaming, and will remove water-based residues including sweat and dirt. Our favourites include B-Lab’s I’m Sorry Just Cleansing Foam, cult-fav Tosowoong Enzyme Powder WashJJ Young by Caolion Lab’s Green Cleansing Stick for a compact and travel-friendly stick formula.



Whether it’s pimples, blackheads or sebaceous filaments, resist the temptation to pick at your skin. Touching your face introduces whatever dirt and oil you have on your fingers to your face, which can contribute to the growth of bacteria. Follow these simple rules:

If you have a pimple, patch it.

Pimple patches like COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch work to treat the root cause of open pimples, simultaneously acting as a cover to prevent picking and scarring. You simply apply a patch a day until the pimple has healed and the hydrocolloid will help draw out any pus and secretions to keep the area smooth and sealed.

Can’t help picking at blemishes and comedones?

At least do it safely.

Holika Holika Magic Tool Dual Sebum Extractor is a simple, easy to use extraction tool that helps care for pimples, blemishes and comedones safely and gently. It minimises the risk of infection caused by picking at pimples with your hands and also assists to prevent deep scars, irritation and unnecessary redness.



Think an anti-aging routine is for people in their 40s?

Think again.

Once you start to notice the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation and fine lines, it’s time to start thinking about an anti-aging routine.

The keys to a good anti-aging routine are hydration, active ingredients targeting the visible signs of aging, and of course a good eye cream.

We can’t go past d’Alba Piedmont’s anti-aging collection for combination and oily skin, which is infused with gourmet ingredients like white truffles, peptides, amino acids, coconut oil-derivates and truffle oil, as well as Missha’s Cho Gong Jin  line for dry skin. It helps that the packaging on both is super bougey, so you won’t even feel bad about needing anti-aging products!

For an eye cream that won’t break the budget, try Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Eye Cream. For a cult-favourite eye cream that made it to the top of the blind-testing on Korea’s “Get it Beauty“, try Benton Fermentation Eye Cream.



Who doesn’t love a good scrub?

Exfoliating should be done twice a week and can be either manual or via chemical exfoliants like acids.

Pick the right kind of exfoliant to suit your skin type and get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, debris and build-up to keep skin looking fresh and healthy.

Our top picks? JJ Young by Caolion Lab’s Pore Erasing Stick for pesky blackheads, Mizon’s AHA 8% Peeling Serum for oily skin and Beauty of Joseon’s Apricot Peeling Gel for sensitive skin types.



Nighttime is the best time to take care of your skin, as your skin does most of its natural healing and turnover at night, while you’re asleep. Your night routine doesn’t have to have a lot of steps, but if you suffer from dry skin or aging skin, it might be worth upping the ante to ensure your skin is properly hydrated and nourished before bed. Some of the steps you might like to include are:


Resets your skin’s pH balance and preps it to receive the next step of skincare.

Essence/Facial Oil/Serum/Ampoule

These products are highly concentrated to target specific skin issues. They actively hydrate and target a variety of common concerns like freckles, sun spots, wrinkles and acne.


Emulsions are designed to offer an extra layer of hydration to soothe dry skin. This is not an essential step if you are time poor (or your skin is not particularly dry.)

Eye cream

A good eye cream prevents eye bags, dark circles and puffiness by providing hydration to your delicate under-eye area.


Hydrates and protects skin from the stressors caused by the external environment.

Sleeping Mask 

Helps to lock in hydration and repair skin overnight while you sleep. This is an ideal step for those with dry skin.


Oh, and Happy New Year!


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