Sammy over at Another Nurse’s Beauty Blog recently tried STYLE STORY’s Elizavecca Kangsi Pack for the first time. She shared her product review on her blog:



Elizavecca Kangsi Pack



“This little mask is a 24k gold mask mask that is said to promote hydrated and bright skin while also toning and tightening skin.”



“I have tried multiple masks from Korean skincare companies and all have yet to disappoint… and this one is no different!

Is all that glitters really gold? In the case of Elizavecca’s Kangsi Pack, the answer is clearly yes!

…I have always had oily skin and constantly struggle with oil control with makeup and skincare. So with this, the word ‘hydrating’ mask always makes me feel nervous.

How hydrating is it? is it going to make the oil production worse? Am I going to be an oily blob by the end of the day?

I generally look for oil control properties in masks so I wasn’t certain as to how this would go with my skin. But… So pleasantly surprised!”


“I have been using this mask for several weeks and Ive really enjoyed the results! After removing the mask I can feel a nice tightness to my skin (not that uncomfortable one that you can get from some masks!) as well as smooth and soft skin!



“After a few weeks of testing it out though I am noticing a difference in the oil balance of my skin as well as overall improved hydration. Its a great addition to my masking favourites!”


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