This week, K-Beauty lover Jessica reviews two of natural Korean Beauty label Soroci’s products.


These products are from Soroci’s 7-Series, which is built around a signature ingredient of rice bran oil.


Rice bran oil is known for its potent antioxidant effects.



“I love Korean skincare, so naturally I am beyond obsessed with this range by Soroci”

Jessica tried out two products from the collection – the Soroci EGF Essence and Soroci Mild Lotion.



What is it? An Essence

Essences are designed to be applied after toner in your beauty routine. They are a key part of the typical Korean Beauty routine, and are supposed to repair, hydrate and promote cell turnover.

“The Essence contains peptides, caviar extract and licorice root extract to plump and soothe the skin…”

It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin types.




What is it? A Skin Lotion


A lotion is a light, hydrating step that can be applied before your regular moisturiser. Lotions are perfect for people who suffer from dry skin, as they offer a light level of hydration that can be layered underneath heavier creams without burdening skin.

Alternatively, lotions are perfect to use during summer instead of your regular moisturiser. This is because during summer skin is often prone to oiliness, so it requires less hydration. This product is a great fit for the Aussie summer.

“…the Mild Lotion is packed full of ceramides and niacinamide to help lock in moisture without leaving your face feeling greasy”.



“The entire range is formulated with sensitive skin in mind – if you’re sick of your current products, I’d definitely suggest giving Soroci a go”


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