If you’re familiar with the Korean Beauty routine chances are you are also familiar with the huge variety of serums (AKA ampoules) that are on offer and form part of the routine.


Serums or ampoule are one of the key steps of the routine because unlike other products like moisturisers, these products contain a much more highly concentrated solution of active skincare ingredients that are capable of providing real and targeted results for various skin concerns.


Choosing the right serum

With so many different Korean Beauty serums on offer, it can be a hard task working out which one to invest your time and money in.

STYLE STORY’s top pick for the K-Beauty Serum most likely to change your Beauty routine?

MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Borabit Ampoule.

The name is long and complicated (leading many K-Beauty lovers to refer to it simply as the Missha “Long Name Serum”), but the results speak for themselves.

Favourably compared to Estée Lauder’s much pricier Night Serum, Missha’s Serum claims to increase the skin’s elasticity, reduce signs of ageing and create and clear and dewy complexion.

The key ingredient is a fermented yeast known as Bifida Ferment Lysate.

Sounds gross?

Think again.

The Korean Beauty Routine is famous for its serums, which form a key part of the multi-step skincare routine.

Fermented yeast in skincare products is a winning combination in many cult beauty products (think SK-II’s First Treatment Essence + more).

It offers a variety of anti-ageing benefits that help to address wrinkles, uneven skin tone and repair and protect the skin.



True to its name (Borabit means “purple light” in Korean), Missha Borabit Ampoule comes in a purple bottle with a hygienic dropper that allows for an easy, controlled application.

The glass of the bottle is transparent enough that you can see when you are about to run out of product, which is always a plus.

The texture of the serum is fluid but not watery and has very little to no fragrance.

Once applied, it stays on the skin for several seconds before absorbing in with several light touches. Any stickiness fades away quickly.



MISSHA Time Revolution Borabit Ampoule claims to be an anti-ageing product that, with consistent use, will create a more even skin tone with a luminous and smooth finish. It is also safe for the sensitive skin.



In addition to star ingredient Bifida Ferment Lysate, Missha’s Serum also contains a variety of other skin-friendly ferments which can assist with pigmentation, as well as retinol, star brightening ingredients niacinamide and Vitamin C derivatives, Sodium Hyaluronate (which has exceptional moisturising properties), Betaine and more.



After cleansing, toning and applying essence to your face, apply several drops of this Ampoule to the face and neck.

“Favourably compared to Estée Lauder’s much pricier Night Serum, Missha’s Serum claims to increase the skin’s elasticity, reduce signs of ageing and create and clear and dewy complexion.”

Pat it into the skin for optimal absorption, and follow with your regular night cream.

If you have a wedding or event coming up and you want your makeup to glide on, apply several drops to your skin before your makeup for a smoother application and dewy complexion. Set your makeup with powder to avoid any shine.



This Serum is perfect for a wide range of skin types and textures – the anti-ageing benefits make it perfect for mature skin and people looking to prevent early lines and wrinkles, but it also plays beautifully with other skin types, including dry skin as part of an intensive regimen.



If you’re looking for a K-Beauty serum that won’t break the bank but will enhance your natural complexion and give softer, suppler and smoother skin, this Serum is a great addition to your beauty routine.


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