“Glass Skin” is the latest trend to make its way Down Under from beauty-obsessed South Korea.

Glass skin (or “yuri pibu” as it’s known in Korean) refers to translucent looking skin that is toned, hydrated, healthy and fresh.

If you imagine your skin like a piece of glass – dewy and luminous with no pores – you’ve got the idea behind Korea’s latest skincare craze.


To achieve it, you’ll need lightweight layers that plump and brighten the complexion.

The key ingredient for glass skin is hydration.

To guarantee the K-Beauty glass skin glow, try a routine that includes Double Cleansing > Toning > Essence > Sheet Mask > Serum > Moisturiser.

Which products to use 

1 Double Cleanse

The glass skin routine should start with a double cleanse to ensure any makeup, oil or dirt is properly removed. Try an oil cleanser like B-Labs I Am Sorry Just Cleansing Oil followed by a foaming cleanser like Tosowoong’s Powder Enzyme Wash for squeaky-clean skin.

The next step is to hydrate.

2 Toner and Essence

Follow your double cleanse with a hydrating toner like Thank You Farmer’s True Water Deep Toner, and a brightening essence like Soroci EGF Essence.

Want skin as smooth and clear as glass? Get layering!

3 Sheet Mask

Then comes the quintessential Korean step – the sheet mask.

Most Koreans use a sheet mask every night, as it’s the quickest way to achieve the plump, smooth skin look that’s essential for this trend.

Maximise your mask by choosing an all-rounder like Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Mask.  This tackles redness, dullness, dehydration and post-acne pigmentation at once.

4 Serum

Follow with up with a serum.

Your serum should contain plenty of active ingredients to tackle any skin problems. To create glass skin, choose something hydrating and brightening like COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule.

The key to glass skin is hydration.

5 Moisturise

To lock in moisture, especially overnight while you sleep, finish with a moisturising cream like Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream.

This incorporates traditional Korean herbal medicine with packaging like the cosmetics used in Korea’s royal period, the Joseon Dynasty.

Glass skin, anyone?

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