Not only are they a delicious, healthy snack to nourish your body, blueberries also offer a heap of benefits for the skin too!

K-Beauty products are known for being on the forefront of innovation when it comes to skincare ingredients, and natural extracts like blueberries are the current flavour in Seoul!

STYLE STORY takes a look at the skincare benefits of this super-fruit, and the rise of blueberries in K-Beauty products.

Blueberries + K-Beauty

Blueberries are a known wonder ingredient to get skin glowing, but did you know that eating them isn’t the only way to reap their benefits?

In fact, using skincare products containing blueberries can give similar results!

Blueberries are a great, natural addition to skincare products, like Tony Moly’s Kiss Kiss Lip Patch!

Why are Blueberries so good?

Packed full of Vitamins A and C, blueberries are scientifically proven to help with a variety of common skin conditions.

Naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, they can also help neutralise free radicals.

The presence of free radicals in the skin can cause skin damage, which shows up as premature ageing, wrinkles and dryness. Varicose veins and spider veins are other common signs.

Blueberries, however, are excellent at preventing skin damage, as well as fighting off common signs of ageing.

Our favourite Blueberry K-Beauty products

Blueberries are a popular K-Beauty ingredient, especially in natural-based formulas. With K-Beauty’s current focus on going natural, you’ll find blueberries in a range of products designed to hydrate, nourish and protect.

Add a burst of berries to your skincare routine with Laneige’s cult-favourite Lip Sleeping Mask

Tosowoong Pure Blueberry Mask – this natural sheet mask is infused with natural blueberry extracts that completely nourishes skin to help you achieve a flawless, soft complexion.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Pack – This cult K-Beauty favourite is an overnight lip mask that gently nourishes cracked, chapped lips.

It coaxes dry lips back to life with a luxurious blend of eight berries – including blueberry!

Flor de Man Housemade Juice Nourishing Purple Sheet Mask – featuring a range of purple fruits, including eggplant, blueberry and grape, this delicious Korean Beauty face mask will rehydrate your skin – just like a glass of juice!

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch – Lightly scented with blueberries, this single-use mask is a lip shaped hydro gel patch that will give you soft, tight and moisturised lips – the perfect antidote to flaky, chapped and cracked lips!

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